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We pride ourselves on our quality service delivery and supporting participants to participate in and belong to the community, while becoming independent, autonomous directors of their own lives.

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BET Group and the NDIS

At BET Group we are excited about the improved outcomes the NDIS is bringing to people with a disability across Australia, and we are here to help make these positive changes happen in housing.

We are committed to innovation as well as best practice, evidence-based service delivery, to ensure we are constantly striving for better and smarter ways to meet the needs, desires, and goals of our Participants.

Our service delivery is centered on our clients and involves them and their supporters in every aspect of their housing choices.

We pride ourselves on our quality service delivery and supporting participants to participate in and belong to the community, while becoming independent, autonomous directors of their own lives.

Additionally, in current times we must address client safety in regards to COVID-19.

Letter from our CEO – 22 March 2020
COVID-19 Update – 20 November 2021

The BET Group Approach

What our clients say

in early May 2019, our 52-year-old son suffered a seizure, collapsed, and struck his head on the pavement. This resulted in a depressed fracture of the skull. He was in the RAH ICU completely unconscious for just over two months. He has spent eleven months in hospital having intensive therapy to treat hemiplegia which has affected his right leg and foot, as well as his right arm and hand. He has been having speech therapy as his speech had also been affected.
Since early April 2020 he has been in the care of the wonderful 24/7 carers at the Bet Group accommodation at Mawson Lakes. Since being a participant, he has progressed beyond expectations of the specialists and ourselves. He has gained some use of his fingers and right hand and is showing signs of some improvement with his right leg and foot.
Our son was taken on holiday at Kangaroo Island recently and we couldn’t imagine how this was organised so seamlessly by his staff who accompanied him.
Knowing that our son is receiving such exceptional care including the provision of his meals, as for a long time had to be fed via a PEG tube, has taken a lot of stress and anxiety away from us and we certainly thank the competent and friendly BET staff caring for him.

JEN & JOHN – (Participant Parent) SA)

I love working for BET as a Clinical Nurse with over 30yrs experience. BET truly offers a responsive individualised care. When a crisis occurs, I am not left alone, the management and the Directors step in to provide participants, families and staff with care and support they need — not cookie-cutter solutions. Passion drives this company, and I am blessed to be given the opportunity to impact the lives of people with disabilities with a positive difference.


My name is Dale and I am a sister of one of your participant who lives at one of your accommodation in Wodonga. She is under the care of your staff lead by Jackie H.
I wanted to give you some feedback of a recent birthday luncheon that we had at the accommodation we had a family get together and barbecue at my sister’s home and I cannot praise your staff enough for their efforts and caring towards not only my sister, but also to our family and friends. We had a great time, and I am sure lots of good memories were made for my sister too.
The BET staff at the home are always professional and I am confident with the care and support they give my sister daily. Sometimes I am taken aback with what Jackie and her team do … (because it is so far from the care she had whilst living with another provider) but then I realise, the way she is treated at BET Group is the way she deserves … and how it should be.
Once again, thank you for your amazing team in Wodonga

Dale P (Participant’s sister)

We moved our daughter into BET Group accommodation recently. Thank you for all your efforts in finding this home for our daughter, I have a good feeling about her being there and the BET group staff are an incredibly professional bunch of people, that they have nothing but daughter’s best interest at heart has been felt in all my dealings and communications with them to date.

Megan (Participant’s Parent) (SA)

I wanted to thank your intake team for their commitment to a smooth transition. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with you, and you have no idea how helpful you have been. Thank you for listening to the participant and giving them true choice and control. Thank you for guiding us through the NDIS process. We look forward to more collaboration.


I work for Bet Group Global and have done for 4yrs, I started as a disability support worker promoted to a Team leader, support coordinator. Payroll OFFICER and now cooperate service coordinator. In that time, I’ve observed the care and attention given to all areas in my role, the passion to change the narrative and support not only to participants but also to staff. A true family.
They inspire me to be a better person.

Rose T – BET GROUP, Cooperate Services Coordinator

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