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About Us

Disability need not be an obstacle to success

BET Group is a locally owned family business providing housing and support services for people living with disability.

When we first started in 2016, as a family in 2012 we had experienced tragedy when Emily our CEO had a stroke. They told us she would never walk, talk, read, or write again. As a family we supported her through the journey in ICU to rehabilitation at Hampstead and when it was time to come home, we needed an accessible house for Emily to come home to.

We could not find one and that became our drive. We imagined partnering to create what we’d want for those we loved. Our vision was to build classy, accessible and stylish homes, and welcoming inclusive communities where participants received top notch care, and people were not only cared for but cared about.

Our team of 200 qualified, committed and professional staff love what they do and you can see and feel that. Every day we support people to achieve their goals and we love nothing better than to see our participants live in stylish homes and getting outstanding care 24/7.

We believe that everyone should have access to the very best support and housing, enabling them to live well and thrive.

Our Service Delivery Approach

BET Group provides Services within a holistic person-centered approach. We operate within a philosophy of individual risk management based on supporting dignity of risk for each participant accessing services through us. We provide services based on the best interests of every participant, their family and support network, to build capacity and independence for participants accessing our services.

We strive to provide a safe environment for all our stakeholders including staff, contractors’ and participants using our services. We ensure premises are accessible and provide a flexible and responsive service which can respond to everyone’s needs.

We identify barriers to services through our consultations with stakeholders, feedback processes and strategic planning and put systems in place to ensure these barriers are addressed.

We respect that we have a diverse community and strive to support all participants to access our accommodation using a range of resources which are appropriate to each person’s needs. This includes but is not exclusive to: culture, religion, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, disability, age or developmental stage.

Our Philosophy

BET Group is dedicated to giving people with disabilities greater choice, control and freedom – empowering them to live life on their own terms. BET Group supports people with disabilities by enabling them to realise their personal aspirations and goals. For us, having a disability should never limit the degree of choice and control people have over their own lives, and we work hard to make sure the participants in our accommodation get a fair go.

There’s a world of opportunities and experiences out there, and we are here to help people with disabilities make the most of it. At BET Group we believe in challenging the status quo to create a society that is fairer and more inclusive of people with disabilities. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than discovering where someone wants to live and supporting them in getting there – bringing family members, friends, and carers along on the journey.

Relentless in our pursuit of inclusion and equality, we are committed to ensuring people with a disability are given the respect and opportunities they deserve. Sometimes this means speaking out against injustice, sometimes it’s a matter of changing people’s perceptions and behaviour through education. We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and have thought provoking conversations – whatever it takes to inspire positive change. We are committed to promote, defend and reinforce the human rights of all persons with disabilities.

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We believe that everyone should have access to the very best support and housing, enabling them to live well and thrive. At BET Group Global we are able to support you in all Australian states.

Our team of qualified, committed and professional staff love what they do, so get in touch to discuss your needs or those of a loved one.

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