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I wanted to thank your team for their commitment to a smooth transition. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with you, and you have no idea how helpful you have been. Thank you for listening to the participant and giving them true choice and control. Thank you for guiding us through the NDIS process. We look forward to more collaboration.

Social Worker - DCP

In early May 2019, our 52 year old son Lyndon suffered a siezure, collapsed and struck his head on the pavement. This resulted in a depressed fracture of the skull. He was in the RAH ICU completely unconscious for just over two months. He has spent eleven months in hospital having intensive therapy to treat hemiplegia which has affected his right leg and foot, as well as his right arm and hand. He has been having speech therapy as his speech had also been affected.

Since early April 2020 he has been in the care of the wonderful 24/7 carers at the Bet Group Global facility at Mawson Lakes. Since being a resident he has progressed beyond expectations of the specialists and ourselves. He has gained some use of his fingers and right hand and is showing signs of some improvement with his right leg and foot.

Knowing that Lyndon is receiving such exceptional care including the provision of his meals, as for a long time had to be fed via a PEG tube, has taken a lot of stress and anxiety away from us and we certainly thank the competent and friendly staff caring for him.

Jen & John - Parents

I love working for BET as a Clinical Nurse with many years in the Disability sector. BET truly offers a responsive individualised care. When a crisis occurs, I am not left alone, the management and the Directors step in to provide participants, families and staff with care and support they need — not cookie-cutter solutions. Passion drives this company and I am blessed to be given the opportunity to impact the lives of people with disabilities with a positive difference.

J Maritim - BET Group, Clinical Coordinator

BET Group provides us a very conducive and employee friendly work environment, which helps the employee to give quality work to the participants. The only organization that has an open-door policy that is truly practiced, the management team is very supportive and passionate about supporting people with disabilities.
In terms of career growth also it provides best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with BET and absolutely look forward to work here on a long tenure.

B Kuria - BET Group, Accommodation Coordinator

I work for Bet Group Global and have done for some time now, I started as a Disability support worker and now a Team leader. In that time I’ve observed the care and attention given to all areas, the passion for change and support not only to participants but also to staff. A true family.
They inspire me to be a better person.

J Ellis - BET Group, Team Leader

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